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Increase Your ROI with Email Marketing

With Email Marketing, you can directly deliver your message across to your customers through their inboxes. This digital marketing technique still assures you an ROI of nearly 122%. Whether you are launching a new product or giving out an attractive deal, you can send targeted emails to your users to get their attention.

  • Subject needs to be captivating
  • Body must flow according to the funnel
  • links should be placed appropriately to ensure high conversions

Building an email list or procuring one from the right services come under the umbrella of the top email marketing services. AMS Digital assures you of the right techniques, crafted emails for your audience base and the perfect use of its massive potential. The strategy is cost-effective which guarantees you higher revenue.

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Professional Email Marketing Service to Grow

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing wherein we send your deals, offers or other information directly to your customers’ inboxes. With AMS Digital, you get to connect with a large number of potential customers over email and grow your own list with time. Email Marketing has time and again proven to be one of the most effective marketing techniques and we help you to efficiently tap into the process.

The Best Email Marketing Services

Email is still the best way to forge new bonds or maintaining the old ones. Email Marketing can create brand awareness and the outreach is cheaper and faster than any other prevalent methods as the interaction is generally one to one. Our expert team designs and customises the messages to suit the customer’s taste which ensures a high conversion rate.

AMS Digital maintains a rich email database for all type of business and we create a list to fit your brand. Our services do not waste your resources in sending junk mails. Every message is valuable and appropriately timed.

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The Email Marketing Strategy we follow

  • Understand your need and the message you want to send
  • Frame creative and appealing content for the recipients
  • Frame creative and appealing content for the recipients
  • Send out emails at the best time when customers are likely to read them
  • Integrate tools with the marketing campaign to evaluate ROI
  • Update email list regularly to send out messages to a more focused group
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We Optimize based on your requirement

An informative email should be rich in content. Deals and offers email should be colourful and catchy. Again, there must be a perfect balance among the types of emails that the customer receive as every message should add value and attract their attention. Our dedicated team at AMS Digital understands both your and your customers’ needs and optimizes the emails accordingly.

Your email won’t get lost among the junk emails. You will have maximum outreach to targeted audiences. Our experience in email marketing has enabled us to gather a massive database that we keep growing constantly.

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Captivating Content ensured

  • Catchy subject-line to attract the customer’s attention
  • Creative content to deliver the message
  • Your expertise described in a sophisticated way
  • Touch the user’s needs to maximise conversion

Every line, each design that our team creates for your email marketing will help to boost your sales. The content that we send out do not look spammy to bots and serves your purpose. We design it to be crisp, intriguing and promote action.

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Sophisticated Tools to get feedback

The main advantage of email marketing is that we can derive data on how the campaign is working and modify our approach based on them. We use sophisticated tools to track parameters like click-throughrates, return on investments, website visits and link clicks to design the emails. We also keep you in the loop by sending you a detailed report on your campaign and suggesting the best ways to improve your returns.

So, get in touch with our Email Marketing team and let us bring you more targeted leads. Grow your business with AMS Digital and see your revenue touch new heights.

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